Exploring infinite
human value.

Looking for every human on our planet to take this challenge of exploring human values.
We need you because it's important both for you and for everyone around.
Where is the future of humans without you?

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Why should you support? Why should you care?

Because when people join and work together on a common goal, Magic happens.

We aim to bring fresh hope and magic back to life.

At Infinite Value, we help people to find value in themselves and then see and add value in others.

One of our deepest human needs is to find a soul mate; some-one we can share our core values with.

...someone we can grow with, share our inner hopes and dreams and join us on journey to realizing our infinite humanity.

"Every individual owes it to himself to find the right work and the right mate, because these are fundamental needs of every human being. Without these, life is a failure; possessing but one of them, life is half a failure.
--Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict"

In the following test, you will pick the best phrase between two options. There are no right or wrong answers. Your results are graphed on an Infinite-Human profile and available for download after the test. This result will be unique to you. There are over 6 billion profile possibilities - more than enough to represent the uniqueness of each individual on the planet! Even with so many possibilities, there will be results common to those who share aspects of your value-profile. This is a far superior way to understand self and find a Soul-Mate because these profiles reveal our inner wisdom and knowledge that often lies in our subconscious. Evaluation of this test is based on the work of Dr Robert S Hartman originally with his values test: a highly accurate and validated instrument for analyzing humans.

"We don't see with our eyes, we see with values.
We don't have values, we are our values.
We are prisoners of those values.
--Leon Pomeroy"

Thank you for joining the Infinite-Human project! Download a summary report of your results after the test and begin the journey discovering the infinite value of humans, starting with you! Your first report will show your self-value and how you can add value and quality to your life. In the Soul-Mate phase of our project, we want to help connect people based on shared-profile data. With value-profile matching it will be possible to find partners,friends, even soul-mates. Please stay with us to get the Soul-Mate project off the ground!

This project is supported by Research Center of Applied Value Sciences. It's driven by Malcolm North - profesional coach and trainer and Jozef Kutej - profesional IT developer and dreamer who loves to challenge the impossible in the infinite human way.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
—African proverb

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